We recently attended and participated in AICC’s 2011 Independent Design Summit in Salt Lake City, UT with great results. We entered packaging in four categories and earned recognition in all four:

Category 11:
Best Corrugated Self-Promotion (Structure/Graphics).

Design and graphics on a self-promotion piece that has been designed and produced to highlight your company’s design, manufacturing, and printing capabilities.

We entered our recently manufactured Eco Flyer in this category and received first place. The Eco Flyer was produced as a promotional piece to mail to prospective clients that might not be familiar with our capabilities, mainly design and marketing firms. We manufactured the Eco Flyer using recycled materials and soy based inks. The structure for this item was designed by Chris Butterfield. The graphics concept was designed by Page Design Group and various members of our team.

Category 4: Confections such as candies and chewing gum.


We entered Jelly Belly’s Bertie Botts 1.2oz Flip Top Carton and received first place. This carton was developed to run on Jelly Belly’s high speed automated filling equipment in large volume runs. The carton utilizes UV inks, stampable UV coating, dull UV varnish, foil stamping and window film. The structure was designed in-house by Ron Grey in conjunction with Jelly Belly equipment engineers. The graphics we’re provided by Jelly Belly.

Category 15: Family of Packages.


Awards made in recognition of the best “family” consisting of a minimum of three (3) packages with a common denominator (graphics or construction and covering papers) manufactured for the same company.

We entered Torn Ranch’s Bellagio Cartons and received third place. These cartons were designed to have a common size and shape while holding different items for Bellagio Hotel guests. The cartons were manufactured using soy based inks, soft-touch aqueous and UV coatings. We diecut with embossing to raise the gloss UV areas. The structures were designed in-house by Ron Grey. The graphics were provided by Torn Ranch.

Category 11: Company Self-Promotion Folding Carton.


Packages that promote a boxmaker and/or its products.

We entered our Easy Seal Promo Wrap and received honorable mention. The Easy Seal Wrap was manufactured for testing of our Easy Seal applicator and for our sales team to promote in the field. The structure was designed in-house by Chris Butterfield. The graphics concept was created in-house by various members of our team.

None of the achievements above would be possible without our wonderful customers, talented manufacturing, customer service and prepress departments.

Chris Butterfield, our Design Department Manger, also participated in the Designers Lab during the AICC meeting in Salt Lake City. The Design Lab was attended by approx 25 structural and graphic designers from across the country. The designers were put into teams of four for a 24 hour design competition. The competition consisted of a designing a pallet display to hold at least 500lbs of product and as many flavors of the product as possible. Chris’ team consisited of members from Utah Paper Box, Mid-Atlantic Packaging and Orange County Container. Despite stiff competition, the team Chris was on came out on top. Their design can hold 60 flavors, 9lbs per flavor on a 48×48 pallet.