September 2010 – Capital Corrugated & Carton is a packaging manufacturer with unique capabilities to provide quality corrugated, carton and printed packaging at a single location while remaining competitive within the industry.

Dennis Watson and Jackson Angle, co-owners of Capital Corrugated & Carton, proudly announce that their Quality Management System has been registered as compliant with the International Standard, ISO 9001:2008 by QMI-SAI Global. Moreover, they have obtained certification for ISO 14001, Environmental Management Systems Standard Certification, and SFI and FSC Chain of Custody certifications.

These certifications recognize Capital Corrugated & Carton’s commitment to quality assurance in manufacturing processes, products and service. Capital Corrugated & Carton has always been a green company.

Some examples of their past achievements to sustainability include:

  • Converted 115,000-square-foot warehouse to energy-efficient lighting with motion sensors.
  • Purchased energy-efficient equipment.
  • Purchased hybrid cars for the management team and many sales people.
  • Working with Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s “Greenergy” program so 100% of the energy used comes from renewable sources.
  • Commitment to reusing and recycling 100% of their raw materials.
  • With an ever increasing demand from environmental conscious consumers standards have been developed to ensure that the raw materials being used from the forests are sustainable. They take into consideration the water quality, animal species, habitats and management among other factors.

Gaining certification in two of these standards, (SFI) Sustainable Forest Initiative and (FSC) Forest Stewardship Council, allows Capital Corrugated & Carton to meet the demand from environmentally conscious consumers, standards while ensuring that the customer’s products come from well maintained and managed forests, and is traceable from the forest to the end product.