A box is not just a box.

The package we create for you is an extension of your product that protects it through distribution and promotes it effectively at the point-of-sale.

Unique challenges, profitable solutions.

Our team will partner with yours to solve your packaging issues with creative thinking, innovative techniques and cost-efficient systems.

Expectations exceeded.

Better packaging, superior service, smarter supply chain solutions… Discover how Capital Corrugated & Carton can help you sell more product and produce more profitably.

Craft Brewers

We’re your craft packager!

Craft brewers, we’re your craft packager!
Dealing with large packaging companies is sort of like trying to get flavor out of a lite beer. At Capital Corrugated & Carton, we understand “craft”. Our response is personal. Our turnaround times are quick. And our dedication to high quality matches yours. Yet, with all of this, you will find our prices very competitive, especially on small runs.


Show off your brand!

Wineries, show off your brand just like the large brands.
What would it do for your brand to be able to change anything on the carton graphics from one run to another without extra costs? Brand 360° Litho was developed to run full-color, full-coverage small case lots for the 12 x 750ml market. Create more case stacking options by covering your entire box with dynamic messaging and graphics and sell more wine.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Protect your product, expand your brand!

Custom, corrugated packaging.

Whether you need a basic corrugated box, folding carton, or a fully branded point of purchase display, our team will carefully evaluate and design with the intent of helping you reach your packaging goals. From concept to completion, we will work diligently to ensure consistent quality and fast turnaround of your next project.

Featured Project: Nuvesse Face & Eye Mask Cartons

With the new line of Nuvesse packaging, we aligned the client’s expectations for premium finishes with our ability to push production boundaries. This family of packages showcases Nuvesse’s premium skin therapy products using a unique combination of structural creativity, vivid print quality, textures, coatings, and foil treatments.

Capital Corrugated & Carton recently received three First Place Awards at the AICC Design Competition in October 2015 for the Nuvesse folding carton packaging. First Place Award Categories: Women & Men’s Cosmetics, Family of Packages, and Folding Carton Judges Choice Award.